The Undeclared Leadership Council is the voice of undeclared students on campus. We represent the interests of undeclared students in student government, on various fee boards and committees, and to the CASA leadership. We help CASA create opportunities for undeclared students like the Exploring Majors Fair. The Undeclared Leadership Council is a great way to get involved on campus with other students who started at CSU as undeclared students.

As members of the Undeclared Leadership Council, we all came to CSU as undeclared students. We each have a different story of choosing a major and pursuing opportunities in our chosen fields. Collectively we have some great experience in finding a major that fits. We would love nothing more than to be able to be helpful to other students who are thinking through what they would like to major in. Below is a little information about a few of us. Feel free to email any of us and start a conversation about how we picked our majors, and what you process of choosing a major might look like. We'ed like to hear from you.

Andy Olson

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Kyla Allmon

I am a junior majoring in Journalism and Technical Communications with a minor in Political Science. I came in as an undeclared student my first semester freshman year, and declared at the end of fall semester my sophomore year. I came to college with Journalism in mind, but wanted to keep my options open by exploring my interests through different classes. I couldn't be happier with the decision I made, and enjoy going to my classes because I’m studying what I am passionate about.




Elizabeth Burns

I am a freshman double majoring in History and Political Science. I came to CSU as an undeclared student, and recently declared my double major at the beginning of my second semester. I knew that I thoroughly enjoyed studying history and politics, but I didn't have a career in mind that coincided with those areas of study. I was hesitant to “box myself in” so early in my college career, but after sitting in on some upper division history classes, I discovered that my interest was actually a passion, and that my passion would guide me towards a career. I have realized that it is always best to spend your time doing things that both excite and challenge you.

Cameron Doeling


I am a Business Management major.  I chose this major since I really enjoyed the business classes that I took.  I also liked that there were many possible career paths that I could take with this major.  Also I wasn't and still am not too great with numbers or computers so Computer Science, Accounting, and Finance majors were definitely out.  On the other hand, I saw that I enjoyed directing, supervising, and managing others.  I think that if you can find something that you enjoy, and that you are good at, and that you can make a living doing, you have struck gold.

Elizabeth Lewis

I am currently undeclared, but I’m strongly considering double majoring in Social Work and Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS). I am also contemplating minoring in either Spanish or Women’s Studies. I am considering these majors because I have always known that I want to work with people directly. I got involved a lot in high school (and I am starting to in college) helping people solve and overcome difficult situations, and I began to realize this was a true passion of mine. Both social work and HDFS give me opportunities to connect with people on a personal level and have the training I need to give them essential resources that will better their lives. What I hope to do with these majors is to get involved in victim’s advocacy. If you have any questions feel free to email me! Thanks!

Jenna Muniz

Hi, I'm Jenna Muniz and I am an accounting major with an economics minor and a financial analysis certificate. When I was trying to decide what my major would be, I focused on what my future goals were. I really want to start up my own business/charity when I'm older. So that helped me marrow it down to a business major, then I focused on what skills I was particularly good at and matched it to a concentration within the College of Business. Once I chose accounting I took some time to look at what careers I would have after college to insure that this was the right major for me. I know accounting was the right option for me because it supplies countless opportunities in fields that I am interested in as well as keeps me connected to volunteer involvement.

Miriah Jones

I am a senior Graphic Design student.  As a freshman, I came to CSU with a good idea of what I wanted to major in. After a few months, I decided that the first major I had in mind was not for me. I had always had a passion for art, and decided to take a few classes just on a whim.  I found that this major played to many of my strengths as well as challenged me, and it is something that I really enjoy.

Kristen Scheirman

I am a Journalism and Technical Communication  Major and Political Science Minor. I chose journalism as a major because I have always been very curious and I have always enjoyed writing and working with people. Journalism gives me the opportunity to ask questions other people don’t have the opportunity to ask. I get to learn other people’s stories and tell other people’s stories.