What is ULC?

ULC, or the Undeclared Leadership Council, is the college council that represents all undeclared students on campus.  We are involved in making decisions about campus issues, activities and meeting the needs of undeclared students. We also have a say in how the different fees that the undeclared students pay are spent.  A few years ago, we played a large part in setting up the E-cave, a computer lab in the Lory Student Center where undeclared students can print for free.  We also have ties to CSU’s student government, ASCSU.  We meet  every other Tuesday evening at 5:00 in room 23 of the TILT Building.

Some of our yearly activities include overseeing the budget for the Undeclared Computer Labs in the Durrell Center and the E-Cave in the Lory Student Center, coordinating the Exploring Majors Fair, and assisting students with major exploration through various other outreach efforts. We have regular meetings where we plan events and discuss issues that relate to undeclared students.